Design. Make. Launch.

Nakuja project aims to build a liquid-fuel rocket to bring small satellites into the orbit. We are based in the Kenyan universities: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI).


The internship application 2023 is now open (internship period: January to April 2023).

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We are seeking members. Please send an email to or come to the JKUAT Engineering Laboratory Building 2nd floor (ELB213).

Rocket development in Kenya

We are a university-based amateur rocketry group in Kenya. Our goal is to create a liquid-propellants rocket that can bring nanosatellites into the low earth orbit. The purpose of the project is to nurture the talent to drive the science and technology innovation in the continent.

Low cost and open source

All our code and work proceedings are opensource and available on version control software, GitHub. Since the project is student centred, we strive to ensure all our work is low cost and we utilise all resources available in the school


Our final goal is to launch a liquid propellants rocket to bring nanostellites into orbit. We set a couple of milestones to progress our project in time. We developed two solid model rockets: N-1 and N-2 rockets. We also started the development of a test stand for the liquid rocket engine.


June 2019

Project started


Mar 2020

First firing test of solid rocket motor


May 2021

Launch of N-1 rocket


November 2022

Launch of N-2 rocket


First launch of liquid propellant rocket